A monthly view on Pregnancy

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If you’re interested in seeing how pregnancy evolves from day 1 to delivery in video, here is your chance. The voice over in the videos is french, but still you could figure out whats happening from the picture itself. Link

Here are 2 videos that I found fascinating.


iPhone the third

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With the upcoming release of OS 3.0, the iPhone suddenly gains its normal phone status. The previous releases were missing very basic components, such as MMS and SMS forwarding, which were features taken for granted in other phones. With 3.0, users will enjoy MMS, SMS forwarding, bluetooth, cut copy & paste (the most important feature I feel was missing on the current OS) among many others. Well in details, Apple claims there are 100 new features. Visit

Tiesto: Beirut Gig in Video & Photos

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A reader sent me photo/video links of yesterday’s event. For the video, go to the youtube page by clicking here.

For more photos from the event, visit

The place was packed, as expected.

Introducing: Aviary

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If you are into digital creations/manipulation, you will love this new online software from the people who created worth1000.

Aviary, is a suite of free design tools. Now anyone with internet access can use them without installing anything. You just need to visit Aviary and you’re all set. Aviary should be enough for anyone to get started making some really amazing images (and other types of media). Aviary also allows you to share and work on files with other people in the Aviary community, which makes it even easier to learn.
So far they have released 4 applications into public beta, with many more planned:

– Phoenix: a layer-based image editor (similar to Adobe Photoshop / Gimp)
– Raven: a vector editor (useful for logos / and clothing design)
– Toucan: a color editor
– Peacock: an effects editor

The tiniest iPod shuffle is here

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Really really really small. Comes with interesting new features, such as VoiceOver, or VO. Since it’s still missing the screen, the new iPod can tell you the name of the song (in 14 different languages) you’re listening to via voice with a press of a button. Another interesting feature is the multiple playlist. Black and white colors available.

Nick Knight Photography

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If you’re into photography, then Nick Knight is someone you should look up to and follow closely. He is one of the best fashion photographers today, way ahead of his time. He is based in the UK, and the director and founder of SHOWstudio, the infamous online fashion broadcasting company.

He has won numerous awards for his editorial work for Vogue, Dazed & Confused, W magazine, i-D, and Visionaire, as well as for fashion and advertising projects for clients including Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Levi Strauss, Yohji Yamamoto and Yves Saint Laurent.

Peace by Robert Wodzinski

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I just love it! Link

Massive sand storm hits Riyadh on 10.03.09

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This is one of the videos captured during the surreal sand storm yesterday, in Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia. The tower disappearing on the right is Faisaliah, consisting of a hotel, mall, and business offices.


Armin Van Buuren in Beirut 05.09.09

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This is good news for those who will not be able to attend Tiesto’s upcoming gigs. Avb will be in Lebanon on may 5th in a big event under the sponsorship of Mix FM. Looks promising as always!!!

HELP! the lebanese movie that ironically needs help

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HELP! a new lebanese movie directed by Mark Abi Rached, was due to open to weeks back, yet never did. After a highly acclaimed avant premiere, the state’s censorship department retracted the licence. Below you can find a detailed synopsis of the movie, which somehow relates to drugs, prostitution and homosexuality among other stories. 28 minutes of the 87 minute movie has to be cut before the licence can be given back. Interest was piqued by the fact that lead actress and who appears nude in the movie, is the daughter of a Lebanese MP.

A psychological-social drama, “Help” tells a story of choice and destiny in a Lebanese context, bringing together the lives of a prostitute, a juvenile delinquent, a wealthy businessman, and a cab driver, among others. The film also tackles homosexuality and prostitution by presenting actors in a realistic light intended to reveal the basic humanity behind these issues.

Full story and trailer can be found on and