When weird gets really weird

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This is really weird, like really weird:

A story which was recently featured in a German newspaper is starting to gain International attention.

Stuttgart, Germany – Demetrius Soupolos, 29, and his wife Traute, had been trying to conceive a child for a while. Tests showed that Demetrius was sterile and so the couple were looking into alternative ways of having a child. They decided to hire their neighbour, Frank Maus, 34 to impregnate Traute, who is a former beauty queen.

Maus, who lived with his wife and two children, agreed to help the couple out at a cost of €2,000. He then spent three evenings a week for six months, trying to conceive with Traute. Although his wife objected, he told her that he was “only doing it for the money.

After 72 unsuccessful attempts, Soupolos demanded that the neighbour undergo a medical examination. Doctors found that Maus was also sterile, and his wife then admitted that he was not the father of their two children.

Soupolos is currently trying to sue Maus to repay the money. Maus claims that he did not guarantee that his wife would get pregnant, only that he would try his best.



Blackberry VS Apple Vs Blackberry

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Blackberry takes a shot at Apple

And then, Apple takes a shot at Blackberry

I love it!

The Chunky Boys

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These are just amazing viral ads done for kitkat chunky. The words viral marketing or viral advertising mean that the commercial sometimes does not look like its a commercial, and after it breaks some fame, it is revealed. In the scenario of the chunky boys, you are meant to believe what you’re seeing, and then after the buzz is created, the product itself is attached. Visit TheChunkyBoys

The Chunky Boys: Basketball

The Chunky Boys: Carwash

Slumdog millionaires youngest star allegedly up for sale

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The young star who had 5 minutes of fame during the award shows was, according to the telegraph, put up for sale by her father for the amount of 200,000 pounds.

Full story here

HELP! the lebanese movie that ironically needs help

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HELP! a new lebanese movie directed by Mark Abi Rached, was due to open to weeks back, yet never did. After a highly acclaimed avant premiere, the state’s censorship department retracted the licence. Below you can find a detailed synopsis of the movie, which somehow relates to drugs, prostitution and homosexuality among other stories. 28 minutes of the 87 minute movie has to be cut before the licence can be given back. Interest was piqued by the fact that lead actress and who appears nude in the movie, is the daughter of a Lebanese MP.

A psychological-social drama, “Help” tells a story of choice and destiny in a Lebanese context, bringing together the lives of a prostitute, a juvenile delinquent, a wealthy businessman, and a cab driver, among others. The film also tackles homosexuality and prostitution by presenting actors in a realistic light intended to reveal the basic humanity behind these issues.

Full story and trailer can be found on and