The Phone Number Collecting Lambo

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Amazing car and amazing features. Funny.


Audi R8 in Maranello

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Audi taking a shot at Ferrari!

The Umbilical Brothers Comedy

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These two guys take comedy performances to the highest levels. They have the most creative and funny act I have ever seen. I watched one of the acts on Youtube, entitled “Battery”, and from that moment I was hooked enough to watch 50 more. They combine mime with ordinary dialogue and vocal sound effects. If you enjoy comedy, then I highly recommend watching them, you’ll be blown away. There are many acts laying around on Youtube, so I chose the one I saw first to showcase here.

They have two live performance DVD releases, “Speedmouse” and “Don’t Explain”.

Visit TheUmbilicalBrothers, or this youtube play list for videos

Kobe sells Ankle Insurance

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Nike always seems to find new ways to promote its products. Both Kobe Bryant and the video are just amazing, works well with the concept of Advertising 2.0, publicized by blogs and word of mouth.

Visit AnkleInsurance

Barcode Art

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For more Barcode Art, visit Art Lebedev


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iShoot is a gaming application available for download from the App Store for iPhone and iPod. It is a pretty simple game where you enter a nickname, choose a tank, set the difficulty, number of players and rounds. Once you’re in, you buy some weapons and start firing and taking hits. The winner is the tank with the most rounds won, and in case of a tie, the most kills. There is a free version for download called iShoot Lite where you play with 6 weapons and static tanks, yet if you decide to buy the full version, you will enjoy 25 weapons, photorealistic landscapes, drivable tanks, and more money with which to buy weapons. Version 2.0 is coming soon, and one of the major updates is challenging other players over the same wireless network.

I am pretty much addicted to the game, I take every chance I get to play a round or too. It comes in handy if you are looking to waste sometime and enjoy a simple fun game.

TVR Sagaris

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With the current roll of supercars from most manufacturers around the world, the search for an all time favorite is quite hard. So I started my search with the hypothetical question that IF I could afford and actually want to buy a super car, what would it be? After looking at different aspects of what I would like to have in a car, I came to the conclusion that there could be only one, the TVR Sagaris. The car looks insane, it’s just so unique, so unsafe with 380 bhp & a 0-60 performance of 3.8 seconds, it seems to be a hell of a drive. & it would cost around 35-40K to get one in Kuwait. The only down side is that I would have to get all the spare parts along with it because I doubt I’ll find them in Shuwaikh!

Vist TVR to know more about the masterpiece.

Blackberry VS Apple Vs Blackberry

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Blackberry takes a shot at Apple

And then, Apple takes a shot at Blackberry

I love it!

The Chunky Boys

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These are just amazing viral ads done for kitkat chunky. The words viral marketing or viral advertising mean that the commercial sometimes does not look like its a commercial, and after it breaks some fame, it is revealed. In the scenario of the chunky boys, you are meant to believe what you’re seeing, and then after the buzz is created, the product itself is attached. Visit TheChunkyBoys

The Chunky Boys: Basketball

The Chunky Boys: Carwash

Fight my Brute

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An amazing online game that’s kind of addicting. All you have to do is click on the link below, enter a nickname, choose a character, and fight mine.