Ready… Steady… Infect: INFECTED MUSHROOM

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There are certain reasons why I love music, and Infected Mushroom is one of them. They are a duo from a nearby country (of whom we do not speak). Their music is just beyond description, not matter how I try to describe, I will fail. The music they compose falls into Psychedelic Trance category, which simply translates to a hypnotic style of music that will do things to your head. The music is very rich, ranging from electronic music with heart pounding bass, to fascinating drum solos, to amazing guitar riffs. It is enough that whenever you listen to one of their CDs, you feel that you’re listening to the best trance DJ, alongside the best Rapper & Heavy metal band.

I have been a close follower to their music for quite sometime now, and managed to listen/collect most of their releases, yet I still did not attend any live concert (where they sound even better than their recordings.)

Here is a link to a Youtube play list, where you can listen/ view some of their music clips.


Shaheen Jafargholi Britain’s Got Talent

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Ok this is the second post in a row, I tried to resist but I couldn’t. This season will be on fire, and Shaheen is going to be one of the leading men (boys) of the season. He has epic vocals. So will it be the old lady or the young boy?

Susan Boyle Britain’s Got Talent

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A friend at worked showed me this today, and ever since I’ve been repeating the song and listening. I was pretty much surprised like the rest of the audience, and my friend.

Her looks are, well… but her vocal talent is just AMAZING! I think that the clash between what she looks like and what she sounds like is the biggest surprise. I really hope she makes it BIG. Enjoy

Tiesto: Beirut Gig in Video & Photos

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A reader sent me photo/video links of yesterday’s event. For the video, go to the youtube page by clicking here.

For more photos from the event, visit

The place was packed, as expected.

The tiniest iPod shuffle is here

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Really really really small. Comes with interesting new features, such as VoiceOver, or VO. Since it’s still missing the screen, the new iPod can tell you the name of the song (in 14 different languages) you’re listening to via voice with a press of a button. Another interesting feature is the multiple playlist. Black and white colors available.

Armin Van Buuren in Beirut 05.09.09

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This is good news for those who will not be able to attend Tiesto’s upcoming gigs. Avb will be in Lebanon on may 5th in a big event under the sponsorship of Mix FM. Looks promising as always!!!

Tiesto’s upcoming gigs in Doha, Dubai & Beirut

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The internationally acclaimed dutch DJ Tiesto will be visiting the region in march, Doha on march 12, Dubai the 13th and Beirut 14. These events will be hard to miss and I am sure it will be awesome. The previous events were fully booked. For the full schedule, go to

You can help Tiesto win more awards for his music by voting for him for the 24th IDMA (International Dance Music Awards) here.

David Guetta & Vueling host the first DJ Gig on a plane from Paris to Ibiza

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Vueling (Southern Europe’s most dynamic, most innovative airline) and David Guetta (one of the worlds best french DJs) hosted the first DJ gig on a 3 hour flight from Paris to Ibiza. It looks nothing short of amazing. I wish this happens a lot more, and we can get to book tickets on either economy, business, first, or PARTY!!!

Here’s another video of the gig going on news:


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The below is a simple equation on how I got to know about Roseland:

300 the movie  -> soundtrack  -> Tyler Bates -> Tyler Bates + Azam Ali -> Roseland.

After getting addicted to 300, I went ahead and got the soundtrack. After that I wanted to know more about the composer, ie Tyler Bates. Apparently at that time he was getting ready to release an album, which was a collaboration with Azam Ali, an iranian musician/singer.

Now to get to the most important part, the music is breathtaking, the vocals are stunning, and the whole album is just a work of art.

This is the link to the album on amazon.

AVB: In and Out of Love: Video

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I just love it! Armin is one of the best trance DJ’s and sharon is the vocalist from Within Temptation