Introducing: Aviary

Posted in Art, Fun, Tutorials by CreativeForces on March 14, 2009


If you are into digital creations/manipulation, you will love this new online software from the people who created worth1000.

Aviary, is a suite of free design tools. Now anyone with internet access can use them without installing anything. You just need to visit Aviary and you’re all set. Aviary should be enough for anyone to get started making some really amazing images (and other types of media). Aviary also allows you to share and work on files with other people in the Aviary community, which makes it even easier to learn.
So far they have released 4 applications into public beta, with many more planned:

– Phoenix: a layer-based image editor (similar to Adobe Photoshop / Gimp)
– Raven: a vector editor (useful for logos / and clothing design)
– Toucan: a color editor
– Peacock: an effects editor


New eyes

Posted in Tutorials by CreativeForces on February 16, 2009


Being a person who wants to know how things are done, specifically how digital artists work for hours and hours on 1 picture to take it from “normal” to “stunning”

this is a tutorial that shows how to do the above… in a very simple and clever way (on photoshop of course)